How to watch IPTV on your Phone? [in 2022]

With AirTV IPTV, you will not feel the need to have a cable or Dish TV connection. AirTV IPTV service can provide most of the features of cable TV, but it only needs a small part of the price. The user interface is also super friendly, and you can easily navigate through the app

airtv on your phone

If you have an Android Mobile Phone or pad, then you must consider using this app.

Main features

  • Exclusive Content – AirTV offers global channels, categorized by country, including news, entertainment, Sports, PPV, and other live channels, including the UK, Italy, Australia, Germany, Greece, etc.
  • APP Install – AirTV is an Android-based IPTV service that is fast & easy to set up
  • Streaming Quality – The stream is very stable with no freezing, no buffering channels.
  • Device Support – The AirTV app is compatible with all Android TV Boxes and Amazon’s Fire lineup of devices, including FireStick.
  • Free Trial – 3 Days Free Trial available & Simple for testing.
  • TV Guide – Grid EPG /Classic EPG / Normal EPG support.
  • DIY Recording – AirTV Package with Cloud PVR Function (Record Function, Saving in the cloud forever)
  • Catch Up TV – The AirTV package has 7 Days Catch up (playback) for the past seven days to revisit over 200 important channels and sports.
  • AirTV Package now supports multi-devices with the family package. For the 2nd/3rd/4th devices, like cell phones or watching in the bedroom, suggest using the family package, which can save 60% OFF…

The content is almost overwhelming. All of this is supplied by AirTV IPTV to your home TV in HD quality via my android device. So, what are you waiting for??? follow me to find out how to use AirTV IPTV service on your phone & pad.

iptv trial 1

Steps to install and use IPTV on Android phones & Pad  

Step1: Set up your own account

1. Click Here to Visit ‘

2. Click the ‘Register’ icon at the top of their website

airtv iptv home page

3. Enter your user name, email, and password, and then click the register, As shown in the figure below. Which is very easy to do.

airtv iptv sign up

4. You’ll see this screen to show that you’ve registered successfully.

airtv iptv registered successfully

Note: Make sure you entered your correct email address. Create a password, remember it, and save it somewhere. If you are ready to renew or need your order information, activation code, etc. You will need to log into your AirTV IPTV My account.

Step2: Get an IPTV trial code

Ok let’s dive straight in, the first thing you will want to do on your Android Phone or Pad is to open your browser and type in the AirTV IPTV store address:’’.

1. Sign in AirTV IPTV store account

2. Click ”IPTV ” on the home page,  We have 3 IPTV Subscription Packages Click IPTV Service, Choose your favorite product. AirTV IPTV has a standard version(Blue color) and AirTV Extra version(Red color)for Free trial.

airtv iptv free trial or subscription

Note: Get IPTV trial code, My system will auto send IPTV Subscription/trial code to your email or AirTV Website account. My Orders – detail – Tracking Number, This is your Activation Code needed for the app after it’s installed on your device. You must enter the code into the app, this will connect the app to the AirTV IPTV service, making it easy for you to watch TV online

5. Check free trial or Subscription code, Please check your trial code in the user center, My Orders – detail – Tracking Number

airtv iptv find the activation code1
airtv iptv find the activation code2

Note: If the Awaiting shipment is displayed to prove that your order has not been processed, you just need to wait until the shipment status is displayed as Shipped, and you can get the IPTV subscription code.

Once you have got your subscription it’s time to get your hands dirty and install the app which is easy to do compared to a lot of other apps out there. 

You can see our guide on How to get IPTV for Free here

Step3: Install IPTV APK on Android Phone & Pad

-If you’ve signed up for your account for free and you’ve been offered a free trial or subscription, go back to the AirTV homepage, log in to your account, and click the ‘Download‘ button at the top of the homepage 

airtv iptv to download

Please Make sure that the version you download and install is the same as the code you received for a free trial or subscription so you can activate the device later. download and install the correct IPTV Apk version to your device from here:
1.AirTV code with Blue color Apk, 2. AirTV Extra code with Red color Apk.

Step4: Enter the activation code on Android Phone & Pad

Once you have AirTV APK installed on your phone or pad, it’s easy to do

– Simply open the AirTV device home page. Click Settings, Please input the activation code in your Apk

input the activation code

Now you can enjoy all about AirTV IPTV service on your phone!

Check out AirTV IPTV and start a free trial here.

notice: -Please login then Download, Do please install the correct version of APK
-You can check your IPTV subscription code in your user center: MY ACCOUNT-My Orders-View Order-SKU / IPTV CODE
-Some important sports channels may be blocked in AirTV IPTV trial codes, but all open in AirTV IPTV subscription codes.


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