How to use catch-up on AirTV IPTV?

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What Is Catch-Up TV?

Catch Up TV is a feature that allows you to watch shows after they have aired. You can use it when you miss a live stream. There is usually a viewing window hours or days after the broadcast. When you miss a great sports event, you can go back to the last seven days or any time in seven days to watch what you missed.

Here you can use the relevant DVR recording-related content, we provide you: How to record TV shows without DVR.

What are the advantages of IPTV Catch-Up?


IPTV Catch Up: A feature that allows you to view a past recording of a specific television show/event.

IPTV Catch Up episodes is usually only available for a few days after the show has aired. IPTV services that do offer this feature usually only include popular channels.

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Is there a Catch-Up channel on AirTV IPTV?

AirTV provides in excess of 1000 channels from around the world from all over the UK/Ireland/Europe / America and Asia. There is something for everyone.

Having access to these channels, you can watch pretty much anything from Live Sports events including pay-per-view (PPV) events to Documentaries, TV series, and Movies.

You can think of Catch Up as a time-sensitive DVR (digital video recorder). AirTV Extra packages with 7 days catch up (playback function for over 200 important channels and sports). Click here to show you how to use IPTV DVR

With 7 days catch up, you don’t need to get up at midnight for a sport anymore.

How to use IPTV with Catch Up?

The way to tell if a channel has Catch UP is by looking at the EPG (TV guide) to see what channels show the video recorder image or icon. Or can you learn how to use IPTV with Catch Up with this video tutorial

A step-by-step guide to AirTV Extra IPTV With Cath up

  • 1. Select the AirTV Extra IPTV subscription plan.
  • 2. Download the AirTV Extra APP compatible with the device. Install and activate it.
  • 3. Launch the AirTV Extra APP. Enter the live channel interface.
  • 4. Next, you can choose different categories of programs according to your interests, all kinds of countries and tastes are here. Of course, it could be a sports channel. On the right channel navigation bar, if you see a camera icon, it means that the channel can use the catch-up function.iu-iptv-with-catch-up-1
  • 5. Now, use the remote control to control your menu bar and go to one of the live channels where you can choose IPTV With Catch UP. As shown in the following picture.iptv-with-catch-up-2
  • 6. You can play back the highlights of the previous seven days at any time. Check out the highlights you missed.iptv-with-catch-up-3
  • 7. Now you can choose the show of the highlights you missed according to the time you missed.iptv-with-catch-up-4-1
  • 8. All right. Now you can watch what you missed.iptv-with-catch-up-5
  • 9. If you don’t want to see past shows, you can use the remote control and log out of Catch UP.iptv-with-catch-up-7

IPTV With Catch UP – Customer reviews:

  1. 7 Day Catch Up – Lots of channels have the ability to be able to watch any show aired in the last 7 days (I use this so I don’t have to get up at 2 am to watch a live event that may be in UK or USA)
  2. Many of our channels are in true HD providing superb picture quality and most channels have 7day catch-up so you’ll never have to miss your favorite program again!!
  3. You’ve just realized that the big finale of the TV series you’ve been watching for the last 2 weeks, you missed it! …or that soap, at last, had a decent interesting storyline enough to hold your attention to want to know who did it, and then, aaargh you were at the shops and forgot to record it! Don’t panic, IPTV Catchup is a great service available to you that some internet TV providers offer that gives you the chance to go back in time to Live programs that get automatically recorded for you.
  4. With 7 days catch up, you do not need to get up at midnight for a sport anymore.

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How catch-up and time-shift work

Catch-up and time-shift are functionalities that grant you access to content that has already aired or is presently airing, albeit at different times than the original schedule. Catch-up permits you to view shows that have been broadcast in the past, usually within a designated timeframe (like 7 or 14 days). Time-shift empowers you to pause, rewind, or fast-forward live TV, offering greater command over your viewing. Both capabilities necessitate content storage by the provider on a server or cloud platform, which is then streamed to your device as needed.

Catch-up VS Time-shift

DefinitionWatch past content after its airingPause, rewind, and fast-forward live content
ScopeUsually within a certain timeframe (e.g., 7 days, 14 days)Real-time control of currently airing content
StorageProvider needs to store content on server or cloud platformProvider needs to store content for real-time control
Viewing ExperienceAllows you to review past shows over a longer periodGrants control over ongoing live content playback
ExampleWatching missed TV shows within a weekPausing a live show to take a call and then resuming


Which IPTV subscription has 7-day catch-up?

If you are an IPTV sports fan, AirTV IPTV offers IPTV 7-day catch up service. You just need to choose its premium package to enjoy most of the catch-up channels.

Is there on demand on IPTV?

Most IPTV services offer on-demand channel content.

What is Time-shift?

Time-shift is a TV feature that lets you control live broadcasts. You can pause, rewind, or fast-forward them. This is handy for stopping, replaying, or skipping parts, like ads. It works by storing a bit of live content temporarily, allowing you to manipulate it within a limit. It’s great for customizing your TV viewing and adjusting to interruptions or time limitations.

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