Best Premium IPTV Provider [Top Reviews 2022]

With the continuous development and update of video information services. Internet Protocol TV has been established in several vertical industries. A kind of streaming media technology called IPTV has been integrated into our lives. It has become an inseparable part of people’s lives that they can use to watch their favorite channels and sports channels. The stable and reliable performance of IPTV will become the most popular transmission method in the world.


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With the increase in IPTV subscribers and limited information on the quality of service. choosing IPTV service providers can be challenging. This means it can be difficult to choose the best premium IPTV provider.


What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV is the technology for streaming Television content over the Internet. IPTV is different from traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable TV transmission methods. This new technology is called streaming media.
IPTV allows users to easily access video on demand (VOD) and watch live broadcasts. It also offers catch-up TV (replaying TV shows that aired hours or days ago), viewing TV program guides (EPG), and cloud burning (recording and saving favorite shows).

This flexibility allows IPTV to replace traditional TV and is considered the most important reason for the future of television.

IPTV Market Trends

The following example chart shows the trend of global IPTV data market research from 2020 to 2027.


How does IPTV work or watch it?

You can use any device near you. For example computers, mobile phones, TV, tablets computer, etc.
connect them to the Internet, and then choose the most stable IPTV, and install it. This gives you access to many TV channels and live channels, and you can watch the movies you want. Enjoy live events and programs while eating popcorn.

How to choose a premium IPTV Provider?

1. Channel

People from different countries have different channel choices. They will choose the channel suitable for their own country. Thus, before you find the best premium IPTV Provider.
you should know what countries the IPTV service provides and whether it can meet your needs when choosing an IPTV Provider.

You can find out what packages this Premium IPTV Provider offers. Many IPTV services on the market now offer home packages also as regular and premium versions. In short, you can experience traffic and channel content before you pay to subscribe.

2. Device compatibility

Most IPTV providers will choose to use third-party players with IPTV.
which has reached the best choice for watching streaming channels. But some IPTV service providers will use separate apps, which will have to narrow down the selection to fit the needs of your device.

I can live with both, but I prefer an IPTV service with a standalone app. Because they are stable, have high-quality flow, and are easy to install. this is the one that many users like.

3. Stability of content quality

To choose the most stable IPTV service, you should first observe whether the picture is clear.
whether the sound and pictures are synchronized. which are the best factors affecting the quality of IPTV providers. So my point is, before you subscribe, try, try, try again. Choose your final premium IPTV Provider.

4. User experience  

Choose the right premium IPTV Provider, as you would when shopping. You will choose products that are well-known and used. In fact, the choice of IPTV is the same reason. First of all, you need to know what others are saying about the service. In fact, the most direct way is to go to the website to learn more about it. You can look at site building, reviews, tutorial articles, and more. At the same time, you can also learn about customer service quality and after-sales service. This will help you get a timely response later when you run into difficulties.

5. Place  

Location is one of the most important considerations when choosing a premium IPTV provider.
so the following points will be used to gauge whether this IPTV service is right for you.

  1. Some of these services are only available in certain countries and regions, so you need to choose the right IPTV service for your local location.
  2. If you travel a lot, you should choose an IPTV Provider that covers a wide range of countries and regions.
  3. The third aspect of location is the source of the provider. Some providers specialize in streaming from the US, UK, Canada. or Australia, while others offer a variety of international options. The location of streaming can affect your experience of watching live TV, such as delay or buffering. So what matters most is whether the IPTV service provider you choose offers the best streaming stability.

6. cost

Through understanding the above five points, then the rest is the cost price choice. Some IPTV providers with high prices have high prices for certain reasons.

such as product package features, high-quality pictures, and so on. Many IPTV providers are cheap, they have a large number of channels and open source systems. the stability is not very good, and the market will stall. I will choose the service that suits me.
that we have a general understanding of the above factors for choosing premium IPTV service. Now let’s look at the best premium IPTV provider.

Best premium IPTV provider——Xtreme HD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV is the IPTV for the best Android, but you can also use it with third-party players. You can watch live TV, TV shows, and movies on many screens.

Xtreme HD IPTV offers live TV, movies, and hit shows from around the world. Catch Up is a unique feature that allows you to Catch the biggest games and sporting events as well as popular PPVs. It also has a multi-screen feature that lets you watch more than one show at a time.

Xtreme HD IPTV offers three free Android apps. All three have a simple user interface that requires only a user name and password to log in. You can install these applications and start loading your channels.

Xtreme HD IPTV features:


  1. It offers 16,000 + live channels.
  2. Have international channels from all over the world.
  3. Compatible with Amazon Firestick/FireTV and other devices, Android devices.
  4. Support IPTV player.
  5. Unique functions of Catch up and EPG.
  6. There are radio channels and plenty of 24/7 channels.
  7. Have a lot of sports and PPV channels.
  8. User-friendly interface, customer service 24/7.
  9. Subscription packages are affordable.
  10. Users can buy many connections by adding months.


  1. Limited parental control centers.
  2. After subscribing to the plan, you cannot cancel the service halfway.
  3. No free trial, 36 hours of testing for $2.99.

IPTV subscription plan

If you already know something about Xtreme HD IPTV, you should know that their cost positioning should be an affordable plan for most people. They have 1/3/6-month and 1-year plans and even 2-year plans. Each plan varies in price, and the number of connections varies from 1 to 13.

If you want to explore more about it, you can choose to test their service first to see its stability and usability.


Payment method

When you choose a Premium IPTV Provider, a lot of times I will know how to pay for it.
how to pay for it, what channels are available, whether it’s safe, that’s all part of the consideration.
Xtreme HD IPTV payment mode, you do not have to worry about. Because they use a secure payment gateway for payment, users’ privacy can also be well protected. Credit cards are supported as I have tried this without any problems. It’s safe to use.

Customer service  

Many people choose Premium IPTV because they always pay attention to the number of channels and VOD movies. But, for me, I prefer friendly customer service support. Because this will be my final choice before and after purchasing the service. Good customer service can reduce a lot of things you don’t understand so that you can solve them more.

In fact, Xtreme HD IPTV is such a service, able to answer users’ questions 24/7. At first, I wanted to test their service on the website, and I was impressed by the quick response, so I was very impressed.
After the test, I bought their service for a month and they still did the same thing and responded. Have to convince me that Xtreme HD IPTV’s customer service is good! That’s one of the reasons why I like it. If you are new to IPTV, choosing Xtreme HD IPTV will be your best choice.

Premium IPTV alternatives

That’s all about Xtreme HD IPTV, but now there’s a better Premium IPTV Provider to replace it. That’s AirTV IPTV. Let’s find out all about it.

There is everything about AirTV Premium IPTV Provider


As far as I know, AirTV IPTV has had a working team in the UK for over ten years. Offers channels in the UK, Australia, Ireland,  Germany, Italy, and other European countries. It is the best Premium IPTV service provider in 2022.

AirTV IPTV features:  

  1. I know they have a 3-day free test.
  2. 3000+VOD and 1000+ live channels
  3. As a sports fan, I pay more attention to their valuable sports channels, which are about 200+ sports channels. Provide a separate section, you can watch all the games with zero buffer.
  4. Provide 7 days catch Up and PVR cloud recording functions. No more jet lag, no more waking up in the middle of the night. When you encounter your favorite channel, you can choose to save it in the cloud.
  5. It is worth sharing that there are three modes of EPG function and FAV channel program collection setting function.
  6. You can choose their home plan, which connects 4 devices at once, saving me 60% of my subscription fee.
  7. Run-on Android devices such as Samsung Phones, Firesticks, Android Pads, TV boxes, Shield TVS, NVIDIA Shields, and more.
  8. The service is stable, HD, ad-free, buffered, easy to install, easy to use, two simple steps to complete the installation process, which is what. Of course, you can try it yourself.
  9. Offer a free 3-day trial so that you can better understand it before buying.


  1. The service can only be used on one specific device(one code one connection). So when your device fails, you can use the same subscription service on another device. But you need to contact customer service and transfer the license to the new device. Now AirTV Extra releases Family Package, which can help you enjoy more connections at a cheaper fee.
  2. Some channels can only be viewed through VPNs in certain countries (e.g., pay channels)
  3. AirTV IPTV subscription works only for Fire TV Stick devices and Android devices.

I love watching football and I have to admit AirTV IPTV is a good service.  The British channel has 160+.  I love watching THE EPL and PPV boxing matches and I’m a fan of the NFL.  What I can’t believe is that the performance of AirTV IPTV is so good that choosing AirTV IPTV service will be my best choice.

IPTV Subscription plan

AirTV differs from Xtreme HD IPTV subscription packages in that there are two versions of AirTV IPTV and a home plan. The regular version and Extraversion offer 1/3/6/12 month subscription plans. Different packages, different features, and different prices. you can test their service for free before you subscribe. So you can get a better idea of it before you subscribe. It’s great!

Click here to read how to get a free IPTV trial.

Subscription PeriodAirTVAirTV Extra
1 month$19.99$32.99
3 months$49.99$79.99
12 months$139.99$199.99

Premium IPTV subscription

Payment method  

They accept Visa and Master credit and debit cards. If you need other payment methods, you can contact them immediately, and they will provide another platform to buy payment methods. It’s quite convenient on the whole. You also don’t have to worry about whether there is a security risk when you pay.

Are you still worried about the security of payment for this Premium IPTV? It is the same level as Xtreme HD IPTV payment security mode, so you have nothing to worry about.

Customer premium IPTV review

I have to say their online customer service is good, including a lot of emails. 24/7 is their watchword. During this period, I encountered some small problems in the service. All I needed to do was to query emails and messages and help me solve the problems. This is a plus for AirTV IPTV. This is really the best Premium IPTV Provider. Here you can find a detailed premium IPTV review.

Trustpilot reviews AirTV IPTV

They get good comments on Trustpilot: 4 / 5 stars



AirTV IPTV and Extreme HD mentioned in this article are the best Premium IPTV providers. If you want to watch good sports channels, and you want to have a separate server. Plus a steady flow. Then AirTV IPTV is a better choice for cost performance.
The IPTV service offers many subscription options that you can tailor to fit your budget. The only difference between these subscription plans is the price and features of the version package. Payment is very simple.

Most , AirTV IPTV is an alternative to Premium IPTV. If you want to know more about AirTV IPTV, you can go to the official website. You can also test it for free for 3 days.
I have to say this is definitely the best Premium IPTV provider for 2022.


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