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Nowadays, more and more people are tired of the troubles of ordinary cables. They want to save time and money by cutting the power cord, but they don’t want to lose access to their favorite channels.

This is where IPTV Trial comes in. It’s one of the most convenient alternatives to cable TV because it lets you concentrate on-demand streaming services such as live TV channels in one place.

Introduce Airtviptv. shop: a one-stop-shop for streaming media

AirTV IPTV is the most reliable IPTV service since 2015, with more than 1000 live channels, more than 3000 latest movies, programs, and world sports live, no buffer, and no freeze.

Fortunately, it offers new members an IPTV free trial, where they watch the channel for three days to explore what the platform’s core program and custom add-on features have to offer.

As we detailed above, AirTV IPTV offers an IPTV free trial, so you can start enjoying thousands of hours of live programming and hit movies, absolutely free.

IPTV Free Trial: Why can’t I get one?

As the online streaming space becomes more crowded and companies struggle to retain subscribers, the precious “free trial” appears to be disappearing.
AirTV IPTV with you

If your AirTV IPTV application is integrated, you can take local channels with you. All you need to do is download the AirTV IPTV application on your mobile device. And then, live! The AirTV IPTV application is available on the AirTV website.

AirTV IPTV remains one of the most affordable and versatile IPTV providers.


AirTV Extra allows you to record local channels using an external hard drive. In fact, you can record two channels at once. You can also watch a live broadcast while recording another program.

In order to use this recording feature, you need to use AirTV Extra. The content you record will automatically appear in AirTV Extra.

What channels can you get through AirTV Extra?

When you pair your AirTV Extra subscription, you get a wide variety of cable channels and local broadcast networks. Let’s take a look at some of the different channels you can enjoy using AirTV Extra (depending on the package).

You can get everything with AirTV IPTV – live sports, children’s programming, news, general entertainment, lifestyle, and an on-demand library of iconic TV series and movies.

The AirTV IPTV program is geared toward sports fans and families

Top broadcast channel

This is the way you are used to TV. Sit down with your family and enjoy live events, news, weather, sitcoms, late nights, and more on the following channels:

Sports channel

Catch up on all your favorite teams live on these channels:

Prestige TV channel

If you’re looking for biting drama, comedy, and another award-winning programming, these channels are your top picks:

Children’s channels

Cutting the power cord on the cable is great for the whole family. AirTV IPTV, your kids can watch a ton of age-appropriate programming on these kids’ channels:

Nonfiction and reality TV channels

AirTV vs AirTV Extra

FeaturesAirTVAirTV Extra
3 days trial
1000+ Live valuable TV
VOD with 3000+ Latest & Hot Movies
VOD with Extra Sports Events Group×
200+Live Channel with 7 days catch up×
Recording 20 files or 40 hours to catch up channels×
Family Package 2nd/3rd/4th Device Cheaper×
Dreambox, Vu+, OpenBox Series, Enigma2 DVB Box, etc
Android TV Box, Mobile Phone/PAD, Smart TV(Android OS)


l Subscribe to your AirTV HD subscription, which starts at $19.99 per month, and you’ll get a discount for a year, adding up to about $139.99. But after the initial investment, you can get cable and local channels for just $19.99 a month (AirTV HD)! The cost of similar services like Hulu Live or YoutubeTV has almost doubled! However, if you don’t already have a streaming TV or another streaming device, you must also consider these costs.
While the upfront costs may be a bit high, once your AirTV 2 and antenna are up and running, you’ll never have to pay for local broadcasting!

AirTV IPTV offers one of the best ways to replace your cable, it puts everything you need in one place and costs less.
Make it easy to cut the cord so you can say goodbye to cable or satellite TV without having to do all the work.

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