AirTV extra is Australia best IPTV service provider.Β  It allows you to access live channels in Australia and European countries.Β  Over 1300+ live channels, 200+ valuable sports channels, and 200+ live IPTV Catch up channels.Β  Free trial for 3 days!Β 

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Why choose AirTV IPTV?

√. Most stable app server and engineering team for over 5 years.
√. You Get Over 1300 Ordinary & Premium Channels with HD quality
√. You Get Over 3000 Movies & TV Shows (VOD).
√. Extra package with 7 days catch UP and PVR
√. Solid IPTV Service, Without Buffering and Freezing (Stable Internet Required).
√. Get a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
√. You Get 24/7 Customer Service.
√.3 days free trial before order.
√. We will send you the codes 24 hours after ordering.

AirTV Extra IPTV Catch Up

AirTV extra offers 1300+ live channels from Australia and European countries where you can enjoy over 200+ IPTV Catch UP live channels. Supports 7-day playback. Even if you’re in Australia, you can check out sporting events in the UK. It won’t let you miss your favorite TV movies or sports events. Even all the live shows (PPV/WWE pay-per-view) etc.
AirTV extra allows you to go back and watch shows you missed at any time in the past seven days. When you are faced with your favorite shows, you can also bookmark or choose a PVR recording, and save it forever in the cloud. IPTV Catch UP with this great feature and save sports fans a lot of trouble. From then on, you don’t have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to exercise. nor do you have to worry about the impact of the next day’s work, this is a good compensatory time service.

AirTV extra Advanced features


Premium advanced feature options

AirTV Extra offers catch-up, PVR, EPG, FAV, and many other premium service features to choose from.


Support for Android devices

Dedicated Android App We offer a dedicated Android-based app that allows you to use our IPTV subscriptions on your Android device, Firestick.


Premium Customer Service

We provide our customers with excellent IPTV service.


Premium and stable service

We have more than ten years of advanced servers, live channels quality, and stability, and no buffering.

IPTV Catch Up & Buy Subscription plan

You can enjoy the most premium IPTV Catch-UP live sports channels by purchasing an AirTV extra subscription plan.

AirTV Extra 1 Month

$ 33
  • √ One Connection
  • + 7Days Catch-up
  • + PVR Function
  • + VOD with wonderful sport events
  • √ All contents of the standard package

AirTV Extra 3 Months

$ 80
  • √ One Connection
  • + 7Days Catch-up
  • + PVR Function
  • + VOD with wonderful sport events
  • √ All contents of the standard package

AirTV Extra 6 Months

$ 130
  • √ One Connection
  • + 7Days Catch-up
  • + PVR Function
  • + VOD with wonderful sport events
  • √ All contents of the standard package

AirTV Extra 12 Months

$ 200
  • √ One Connection
  • + 7Days Catch-up
  • + PVR Function
  • + VOD with wonderful sport events
  • √ All contents of the standard package

Catch up with the IPTV service download and installation 3 steps


Buy an AirTV extra IPTV subscription plan with catch-up services.

Download AirTV Extra APK

Click on the navigation bar download page to download AirTV Extra APK.

Activate AirTV Extra code

Open the activation screen and enter the AirTV Extra code to complete the activation.

Compatible with popular devices

XtrixTV IPTV supports all Android devices and most smart TVs, you can install our app on your device and choose IPTV With Catch Up.

What is best IPTV Catch up? How does it work?

AirTV Extra best IPTV Catch-UP allows you to go back and watch your favorite shows at any time during the past seven days. This is done via a digital video recorder (DVR). Allowing users to watch TV content they might have missed. Don’t worry about time conflicts and self-recording content. It can be implemented in the following ways:

  • 1. Content is broadcast and recorded: IPTV service providers store the recorded content on their servers when they broadcast and record television programs.
  • 2. The content can be used to catch up: after recording the content. the IPTV service provider can let the user watch it through the IPTV service provider.
  • 3. Users access Catch up content: Users can use the account password provided by the IPTV service provider to access the playback content through the IPTV set-top box or web browser.
  • 4. User viewing content: As soon as users can access catch-up content, we will watch it whenever we want, regardless of the time.

How to use AirTV extra IPTV Catch UP

Using IPTV with Catch up on AirTV extra is simple, you need to follow these steps:

  • 1. Start the IPTV application and load the TV Guide.
  • 2. Go to the channel you want to use to catch up, but do not click on it.
  • 3. Now you can see a preview of the live content on the channel, please press the right button on the IPTV remote to go to the TV Guide (EPG).
  • 4. Well now you can go back to the TV channel content you missed in the last 7 days.

Note: The way to tell if a channel has a Catch UP is to look at the EPG (TV Guide) to see which channels display VCR images or ICONS.

Click for the detailed tutorial: How to use catch-up on AirTV IPTVΒ and What are the providers that support IPTV Catch up?

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Sports fan review of AirTV Extra IPTV Catch UP service

IPTV Catch-UP is an important feature service for sports fans, especially overseas fans. This service, it allows us to go back to any time in the past seven days and watch sports events and favorite shows that we’ve missed. I can access it anytime, anywhere, on demand.
Opt for the AirTV Extra IPTV Catch-UP service, which provides me with a seamless viewing experience without buffering. It was a good catch-up service when I was overseas and dealing with jet lag. I don’t have to worry about missing out on the best sporting events in the UK and the various PPVS. Since AirTV Extra offers this feature for me, I don’t get up in the middle of the night to exercise, and I don’t have to interfere with my work the next day.
For that, opt for the AirTV Extra IPTV Catch-UP service, which fills your needs and preferences. I hope this service will make more sports fans enjoy it.

IPTV With Catch Up | user comments

I've been using AirTV Extra for three years. It's an all-service package with catch-up features that allow me to never miss a show again. I use it as an alternative to getting up at 2am to watch British and American sports. This is great!
unnamed file
Marcelo G.
Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating
I have to say choose it, I was right! It's much cheaper than buying sports packages. Access to over 200 sports channels and all events without paying per view. This 7-day catch-up feature is awesome! A good stoppage service. And the video quality is super stable.
asgeir 215476
Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating
I'll pay for it long-term because this catch-up service keeps me from getting up in the middle of the night and it's perfect.
Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating



No, it depends on the IPTV service and the device you are using. Some IPTV services allow you to watch playback TV without taking up storage space on the device because the content is streamed from the IPTV server. But, if you download TV programs for offline viewing, those downloaded files will take up storage space on your device.

To subscribe to AirTV Extra IPTV, you need to have a compatible device (such as an Android TV box or smart TV with the Android operating system). a stable Internet connection with enough bandwidth, and a valid payment method for the subscription. For specific requirements, please refer to our registration and subscription instructions or check out the IPTV tutorial page.

Catch-up TV is like on-demand TV, but not quite the same thing.
Catching up on TV allows you to watch TV shows that you might have missed. But, you can go back a few days after the show AIRS and check out these shows you missed. The length of time depends on your IPTV service provider.
On-demand TV, so, usually refers to a wider selection of TV content that can be accessed at any time, not recently aired shows. This could include movies and TV series. and other content that can be accessed and watched on demand without being bound by a specific broadcast schedule.
In short, catch-up TV is a type of on-demand television that focuses on keeping viewers up to date with recent shows.
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